INTERREG IV A programme “Deutschland – Nederland”

Cross-border Cooperation

It is in the border regions where the European Union intersects and overlaps. In Europe, cooperation across borders makes national borders increasingly less relevant. The European Union created a development programme named INTERREG to support cross-border cooperation. A sum of 8,7 billion euro has been earmarked by the EU to finance innovative cross-border projects from 2007 to 2013

300 million euro for cross-border projects
A partial amount of these funds is available for the German-Dutch border region extending from the North Sea coast to the Lower Rhine. In the coming years, German-Dutch projects in the region of the INTERREG IV A-programme "Deutschland-Nederland" can receive financial aid from funds totalling nearly 300 million euro .The main focus of the aid is directed towards the following fields:

             - Commerce, technology and innovation
             - Sustainable regional development
             - Society and integration  

Up to 50% EU aid
Funding is only available for projects in which German and Dutch partners cooperate with each other. The EU will finance a project for up to 50% maximum of the project's costs. Further funding must be provided from national and regional aid (e. g. from ministries and provinces) and through contributions of the project partners themselves. Legal and private persons, as well as organisations and companies can apply for funding at any time.

Do you have an idea for a project? Are you looking for a partner for a project? Do you need help to finance a project?
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